Where is Jane legal to perform ceremonies?
All 50 states of this USA.

Is Jane really a minister?
Reverend Sister Go-Go (aka Jane) is a legally ordained Minister. All creeds, genders and persuasions are welcome.

Will Jane sign autographs?
Jane will sign autographs and memorabilia for the married couple as well as your guests.

Will Jane pose for photographs?
Jane will pose for photos with the married couple as well as your guests

Will Jane attend our reception after the wedding?
Jane will attend your party (for a designated amount of time).

Will Jane toast us at the reception?
Jane will toast the happy couple.

Will Jane play with my wedding band?
You bet! In the Double Platinum package, Jane will jump on stage and play 4-pre-approved songs with your wedding band.

We don’t have a band but still want Jane to perform!
If you don’t have a band – she can play 4-pre-approved acoustic songs. Just look at the Double Platinum Package for details.

Will Jane DJ my wedding?
Hells yes! Jane will have your guests on their feet and dancing up a storm. Just look at the Double Platinum Package for details.

We are having a theme wedding. Will Jane dress in costume?
Absolutely but within reason!  🙂

Does the fee include Jane’s travel?
It does not. In addition to the ceremony fee, all of Jane’s travel, accommodation and food expenses are to be paid by the couple.

What kind of ceremony will she perform?
No matter which plan you choose, Jane will deliver a memorable, loving, and happy ceremony for you and your loved ones! It’s YOUR special day and Jane wants it to reflect your feelings, beliefs and style!

Once dates and fees are confirmed – we will require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your requested date(s). 

If you have a question that wasn’t answered above – please feel free to e-mail info@janewiedlin.com